Copper pipes are produced in Serbia of 100% Serbian copper. Therefore,  we can supply copper tubes with  ~ Eur 1~  form. This means that the tubes are not subject to additional 4.8% European duty..

27 November 2007

Demand for cleaner vehicles needs joined-up thinking

Costs still trump emissions when it comes to vehicle buyers priorities.   . 

12 November 2007

£1 litre drives protesters back to the fuel blockades

The average price of petrol broke through the £1 barrier last week for the first time

15 November 2007

German car emissions 'are rising'

New German-made cars sold in Europe in 2006 had higher carbon dioxide emissions on average than they did in 2005, according to a new study.



Further to the recent enforcement of the new EEC/UN R67- 01 norms
, COPTECH  doo has developed and approved high pressure copper pipes for LPG (auto gas) vehicles able to successfully get through the very stringent tests it contemplates.

In our offer we have Copper pipes diameter 6 and 8 mm with PVC covering in 25 meter, 50 meter and 66 meter rolls, in accordance with the tests set out in the European standard R67-01, for LPG systems.

Our copper tubes are produced in Serbia of high phosphorus copper, designation Cu-DHP (according to EN 1057), with guaranteed copper content of 99,90% min. and and phosphorus content 0.015 - 0.040%.

Technical and technological parameters in product manufacturing and quality monitoring processes are in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 (certificate by British Standards Institution).



:: Mechanical properties according to EN 1057:2006   for soft copper tubes


Temper designation

Tensile strength (N/mm²)

Elongation (%) A5

Hardness HV5 (approximately)



min. 220


40 - 70






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